We had a few bunnies hop in last week and together with photographer Kathy Blanchard we raised just under $1000 for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Miracle Network.   The kids loved the bunnies and the parents loved the photographs Kathy took.  

I first met Kathy when she photographed my wedding in 2006. Simply amazing.  Behind the camera and out in front.  She was just as graceful at photographing the children too.  She played with the kids, calmed them and captured the best of their personalities.  A huge thank you to her for creating more than a few lifetime treasures.



Whatever happened to the good old days of Santa’s secret shop for the kids where they could shop for parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends?  Well we found one in town next weekend December 9th, 10th, and 11th!  The BSO is hosting a holiday event at Cromwell Park and my favorite part is this little shop for the kids.  Holiday decoration workshops and demonstrations, a ‘big kid’ boutique, and a snack and cafe shop will all be part of this fun for the family event.




The topic? Soups. The taste? Phenomenal. I don’t think we’ve ever tried a soup or salad from Atwaters and been dissapointed.  So you like Maryland crab soup?  Then you need to try sweet potato and fennel with shrimp and crab garnished with guacomale and topped with a garlic crouton.  YUM. 


Made every day by hand using fresh ingredients.


They build their soups on a strong foundation: freshly made stock. Extracting rich, complex flavors from meats and vegetables takes time, but it pays off when you take that first spoonful and can tell this took hours of cooking, craftsmanship and careful attention to detail.


Vegetables are cut by hand and the soup gently ladled out of the kettle in order to preserve the integrity of the ingredients. This means a variety of textures and subtle flavor differences in every bite.


Some soups are classics, others fusion and some are completely original creations based on whatever fresh produce comes to the kitchen that day. And with a hunk of their amazing bread, it’s a meal that’s sure to nourish and please.


Atwater’s is a Baltimore-based maker and purveyor of traditional foods. All are crafted by hand with fresh, often organic and seasonally local ingredients. Their friendships with farmers inspire the foods they make and give them an understanding of  ingredients from farm to table.


You can find their fine foods at  retail locations and markets across the Baltimore-Washington Area. Please take some time to page through their site to find out more about their foods and their mission.


And if you’re in the mood…the chocolate chocolate chip brownies are a must.