Check out this 18″ acrylic Lazy Susan for your outdoor entertaining.  


One of our favorite new prints in the shop now.  Are you ready to garden by the sea? 


Lilly’s inspiration for the print?


“We could not kick off Summer and celebrate LILLY IN BLOOM without the ultimate summer floral. When Stacey designed this print it was an instant love affair.  It hung on the print studio door with its crisp white ground and teeny tiny black ants and we knew we had our lead print for the spring delivery. OF COURSE  there are little ants poking around, doing the samba on their way to the first summer picnic.”


Stop in to shop the latest collection.

1. Lana Top Slub $54 and Whitney Pant $118

2. Sandy One Shoulder $68

3. Lala Infant Dress $58 

4. Ruth Printed Swim $48

5. Little Lana Slub Top $34 and Little Callahan Short $38


It’s that time of year. Graduation parties, bbqs, pool time, beach time and any other excuse to have a party.  Order your custom and personalized napkins at The Monogram Shop.


Great baby gift for a girl in the south who goes by the name of Lilly!  Look at this adorable Lilly Pulitzer baby shift personalized with her first name.


We had a few bunnies hop in last week and together with photographer Kathy Blanchard we raised just under $1000 for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Miracle Network.   The kids loved the bunnies and the parents loved the photographs Kathy took.  

I first met Kathy when she photographed my wedding in 2006. Simply amazing.  Behind the camera and out in front.  She was just as graceful at photographing the children too.  She played with the kids, calmed them and captured the best of their personalities.  A huge thank you to her for creating more than a few lifetime treasures.



Our popular silver and gold monogrammed necklaces were are now available in color!  Great for bridesmaids, graduation and mother’s day.


Colored cut out monogram script pendant style, script split chain style,  cirlce monogram and name plate necklace.  Prices are $60 – $100.  Available in 21 colors.

It looks small, it can hold more than most kids can eat in one lunch period. And if you get creative, you can use this monogrammed zip tote as one of the other tons of uses we’ve discovered.  Available in 8 colors.  Measures 6″ x 5.5″ x 5.25″

Here are our top ten uses.

1. Wash Cloth Warmer – Grab a group of ladies for an evening of facials and wine! Tuck warm wash cloths inside the squares, embroider with “Girls’ Night In,” pass out to guests and let the fun begin!


2. Bat/Bar Mitzvah Favor – A fabulous favor for Mitzvah guests. We’ve seen them packed with candy, toys, and just about anything you could imagine. A great momento for your guests to take home. Embroider with the date and the guest of honor’s initials or name!


3. Shell Bag – We hit the beach any time we get the chance, and we love to look for shells.  


4. S’mores Kit – Chocolate bars, marshmallows, graham crackers…everything fits right inside for a camp out!


5.  Beach House-warming Gift – Put the beach house name on it.  Pack travel size items like Motrin, airplane-sized Skyy vodka bottles & sunblock and give it as an emergency kit for their new digs. Don’t forget to pack one of those Magic Eraser things, for when your 6 year old runs his Matchbox cars along all of their interior walls.


6. 1st Day of Kindergarten Survival Kit – Send him to his first day of Kindergarten with one full of warm double-chocolate brownies for his teacher with hopes that Mrs. Steinburg doesn’t lock him in a closet until the bus comes back to get him at 2:45. Try it. 


7. Hostess Gifts – Stuff it with  a box of wine.  Well darn, it just happens to be a perfect fit. It’s a great little gift. Just monogram it with the initials of your hostess, or the date and initials of the newly engaged couple for the shower.


8. Birthday Party Favors – They’re great for collecting loot from the pinata, to use as a take-home box for a giant sprinkled cupcake, a musical chairs prize carrier, to hold a wet bathing suit, or just plain empty. Adding a monogram design of the birthday party theme (we’re back at the firehall this year) or each individual’s name would be really neat, too.


9. Box Turtle Holder – You never know what they’ll find in the backyard!


10. Easter Basekt  – They look great stuffed with Easter grass, candy, a chocolate bunny and glittery eggs popping out of the top–and of course, a sweet monogram on the front of the bag.  After Easter, the children can use it as a lunch box…what a great idea!


We are in the middle of a bathroom remodeling project.  I know I would like to have a white floor.  So where do I turn?  Pinterest.  We’re all there right?  This floor seemed to be the perfect fit.  I think I might just convince my husband for a chevron tiled floor.  It’s everywhere right now!



Available at The Monogram Shop in Baltimore:

1. Geometric wool hooked rugs

2. Monogrammed melamine plates, stationary, and cell phone covers.

3. Monogrammed galvanized buckets, trays, bins, and much more.

4. Monogrammed guest towels and cocktail napkins available in endless options including colors, fonts, motifs, sizes…

5. Would you like these chevron earrings?


You know graduation is right around the corner.  And we know you adore Lilly.  So they have brought us the perfect collection.  A few dresses are now in the shop for you to try on.

A little note from Lilly:  ‘Being bold & bright is always a Lilly girl’s motto and sometimes WHITE makes that statement just as dramatically.  Pattern, pattern & more pattern is how we make our white dresses so special.  And though we know you love us for our hand-designed prints our patterns truly are just as special – each one is hand designed by our (amazing, fabulous!!) in-house print (and pattern, we suppose) designers.  That means, what you see at Lilly cannot, we repeat, cannot be found anywhere else!!’



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